Video Production Explained – Why Does It Matter?

What is Video Production?

The process of video production involves creating video content for a variety of purposes. Video production can be as simple as recording a short clip on your smartphone to a full-scale video documentary made by a professional.

According to industry watchers, over 50% of people watch videos online on a daily basis. The widespread use of smartphones and ‘superfast’ broadband has been instrumental in increasing the consumption of video content.

Similarly, the availability and relatively low pricing of video production technology mean there are more opportunities than ever to make video work for you. Read on to find out more about video production and its numerous benefits to your business.

What does video production include?

Video production can include creating content for corporate entities, small businesses, non-profit organisations, and even families and individuals. For businesses, typical examples of video production might include training videos for employees, promotional video content, or informative case studies. Other examples include aerial videos captured by drone and time-lapse video content.

What are the uses of video content?

Video content has many uses, especially for businesses who want to increase brand awareness and capture new customers. One way that video content can be helpful is to showcase products and services more effectively. Since videos increase customer engagement, they provide a better opportunity to close a deal.

Another reason for video production is to increase company reach on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Videos are more likely to gain social shares and comments, especially if they are well-targeted. This can lead to improved social following and better engagement with customers.

But videos can be equally useful for education and training, either internally in your business or to assist customers who use your product or service. Many companies produce instruction videos, welcome videos, or videos for marketing purposes. For individuals, ‘vlogging’ is one use, but capturing family moments is also popular.

What are the benefits of video production?

For your business, there are many advantages of video production — especially if you engage the services of a professional video production agency. The benefits include better brand visibility, a more professional image, increased trust in your company, and the chance to secure more leads and sales. Videos can even help you improve your website dwell time, leading to better SEO outcomes.

Visit Big Cow Productions for professional video production

Big Cow Productions is a creative photo and video agency. We help businesses and individuals use the power of video production to connect with customers and deliver a powerful message.

Our friendly, experienced team has a great track record of producing corporate and promotional videos, plus aerial video using drones.

Besides commercial videos, we can also help with private weddings and family videos. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our video production services.


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Video Production Explained – Why Does It Matter?